What is being consci®?

When you’re aware of your daily choices and its impact on our surroundings you can start being consci. That means, making decisions and measurements that you know are less harmful for our common home, earth. You can be a consci eater, consci shopper, consci traveler, consci citizen, etc. You can be consci in every aspect of your life! This doesn’t mean that you always have to make the best decisions, but the fact that you start making little changes is good for earth and all life living here.

Why do I engage in consci?

I previously had a women sportswear brand that I produced in Colombia, Medellin. I started thinking more about all the water and chemicals used to make these clothes and realized that it can’t be healthy for our environment. This is even such a minimal amount compared to all the clothes that is produced today. I have read a lot about this topic and with the knowledge I have today, now I know that the industry has to be totally remodeled.

Why is it important?

We are living in an extremely industrialized globe where a lot is going on and it’s almost impossible to be constantly updated. We become basically ignorants to some topics. If we want humanity to last, we have to be willing to recognize, rethink and modify our habits.

I post consci tips to inspire and help.

Don’t doubt contacting me if you have any inquiries. 🙂