10 Consci-tips

Perhaps we should be glad that the environmental issues we have today are man made? It actually gives us an opportunity to do something about it. If it wasn’t man made, we would be pretty lost.

Some of us might be waiting for political laws and restrictions. That is without a doubt very important, but it is proven that we can’t put the responsibility in the hands of the authorities. We need social changes and changes happen when there is culture for it. Small changes in the pattern of our behavior can have a significant meaning. Ask yourself; do you want to preserve our Earth?

We have an enormous influence on each other and we can inspire many with a consci-culture. Behavior is already changing around the world; people feel an engagement to preserve Earth. It is bringing us closer.

Here is a list with ten consci-tips:

  1. Buy second-hand – Give old products a new life
  2. Sell and give away things you don’t need anymore
  3. Eat more vegetables and less meat
  4. Travel by buss/train and bike whenever you can
  5. Buy local products
  6. Recycle
  7. Reuse packages and reusable grocery bags
  8. Eat leftovers
  9. Limit your flights
  10. Control the heating or air-conditioning at home

Below is a picture of me and the last black bag I received from my friend, Maja.

I found many treasures such as the outfit I’m wearing.


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