Values & Consci

In many ways, we have become very materialistic with the industrialization. We think that goods such as clothes, shoes, purses, watches, cars, etc gives us a value. This value decreases fast so by buying new stuff you constantly feel that you have the social value that you need to be accepted. It is an infinite and self destroying cycle. This culture is only adding another insecurity to your list.

But it is pretty amazing that our planet is actually telling us that we can’t keep consuming the way we have been doing. For example, the pollution of the clothing production is damaging our nature and life. We are basically forced to make a consumption change. Isn’t that a relief though?

You no longer have to worry in the same extent about wearing or having what media promotes. You can buy second-hand clothes, sew a blouse into something else or swap clothes with your friends. If you are going to buy a new dress, think twice. Do you really need it?

I would say it is freedom! I feel more creative and in touch with my values after I became consci. ❤

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